SAT Prep Do's and Don'ts

Studying and taking the SAT is very stressful, and you may be lost on how to prepare for the exam. When taking the SAT, there are some things that you should do and should not do.

Commence studying for the SAT well in advance. It is not a test to cram for at the last minute. Engaging in long-term preparation can significantly enhance your score by hundreds of points. Initiate your preparation with a practice SAT to familiarize yourself with the test, then utilize resources such as Edkonnect Academy for the personalized learning to refine your skills in each section.

Additionally, practice time management. Effective pacing is crucial for the SAT, so practice adhering to time limits during practice exams. With practice, you will become adept at pacing yourself. When taking practice SATs, try to identify your strengths and weaknesses, and then spend extra time working on your weaknesses. Targeting your practice on these weak areas can help significantly improve your score.

DO think about taking the SAT multiple times. For many people, their second SAT score is higher than their first. A higher SAT can help your college application stand out, and it can help you get more scholarships.

DO get a good night’s sleep before the exam! Do not try to cram on the last day. Instead, get eight hours of sleep before the exam, so that you aren’t tired during the exam.

DON’T neglect practice exams! Practice exams are probably the best way to prepare for the SAT. They help you get familiar with questions on the SAT, and they will help you get used to the time limits of the exam. To add on, it will help you get used to taking an exam for over two hours, and you don’t want to have your first experience at your actual exam.

DON’T ignore official College Board practice materials. The official College Board practice materials like their past exams are the best way to practice for the SAT since they are exactly the type of questions that you will be tested on.

DON’T eat or drink anything that may disturb you during the test. Energy drinks and coffee tend to make students anxious during exams which may hinder your ability to focus. Also, eating foods that may disturb your stomach right before the exam isn’t a good idea either.

DON’T stress! The SAT is a hard exam, but it is not impossible. With a lot of practice and effort, you will be able to get the score that you want. Create a study plan and adhere to it. Also, just believe in yourself!