SAT/ACT Sample Problems


SAT Math section will have 10 to 15 questions on the geometry and measurement portion. Take a quick look at how you can address a sample geometry problem.


In this sample, you'll get an opportunity to look at how algebra questions will be asked on the SAT Math section. Heart of Algebra questions will be asked to resolve linear equations with one or two variables.


Review this sample to get to know how to address the exponent problems on SAT Math section. If you remember the rules of exponents, you can easily apply the rules and solve the problem.

Quadradic Function

Passport to Advanced Math questions requires a high comfort level working with quadratic equations and expressions, including multiplying polynomials and factoring.

Lines and Slopes

Heart of Algebra questions on the SAT Math Test focuses on the mastery of linear equations, systems of linear equations, and linear functions. The ability to analyze and create linear equations, inequalities.


Trigonometry is some of the hardest math on the ACT, but luckily the ACT trigonometry requires the use of only a few very special formulas! You'll need to memorize all of them to prepare for the test adequately.

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